5 Simple Tips for Contact Lens Care and Maintenance

With your sight being one of the most important senses, taking good care of your eyes is paramount. If you wear contact lenses, then follow these simple steps to make sure you’re taking care the right way.

  1. Don’t over wear your lenses. It may sound obvious, but daily lenses should not be worn for more than a day! Daily Contact Lenses are only designed to be used for a day and problems can occur if they are worn for longer.
  1. If you are suffering from particular allergies, wearing contact lenses can sometimes worsen your symptoms. This applies to allergies such as hay fever, where pollen can sometimes stick to the lenses. If your symptoms do get worse then switch to using glasses.
  1. Make sure you maintain your regular check up appointments with your optician. This is key to keeping your prescription up to date so that you can continue to get the best results possible from your contact lenses.
  1. Wash your hands! It’s important to remember to wash your hands before touching your lenses, to avoid eye infections.
  1. Give your eyes a well-earned rest! If you tend to wear your lenses all day every day, it’s likely that they will need a chance to breathe (and more importantly, your corneas can receive the oxygen they need). If possible, sometimes wear your glasses for a few hours before returning back to contact lenses.

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