Contact Lenses: KJ Green Opticians’ Ultimate Guide

There are many variations of contact lenses, and many different ways in which they can be worn (from daily lenses to extended wear). The advice given to you about your contact lenses is often determined by the type of lenses you wear and the regularity with which you wear them.

The advice given to you by your optician regarding contact lens wear should be adhered to at all times. If you are a contact lens wearer, or are interested in wearing contact lenses, there are some basic guidelines you will be expected to follow to maintain the best level of eye care.

Attending your contact lens aftercare appointments as and when advised is an essential part of keeping your eyes healthy. You should also always seek the advice of the optician if you ever encounter any kind of problems with your contact lenses.

You should always wash your hands thoroughly and dry them before handling your contact lenses, and never allow your lenses to come into contact with tap water. It is also hugely important that you always have an up to date pair of prescription spectacles that can be worn when you remove your lenses.

Your contact lenses should always be replaced at the frequency advised by your optician, and according to the type of lenses you wear.

The Advantages of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a fantastic option for patients who would sometimes like an alternative to spectacle wear. There are a variety of contact lens types that are available as a convenient and effective means of improving your vision according to your individual hobbies and lifestyle requirements.

Contact lenses are great for part-time wear as well as for those who like to wear them for longer periods; there are options on offer for both. They are also ideal for people who are regularly active, those who play sports, and for people whose hobbies or occupations make it difficult to wear spectacles comfortably.

It is always important to remember that contact lenses should only be worn at the frequency recommended by our optician. This will be relevant to the type of contact lenses you have been prescribed. Every contact lens wearer should have an up-to-date pair of spectacles to wear when they do not have their contact lenses in.

Following your initial contact lens consultation and fitting appointments, it is important that you continue to visit us on the recommended basis for your aftercare appointments. This is not only so that we can ensure that the eye remains healthy and that your contact lens routine is being carried out safely, but also so that we can recommend the very latest and best contact lens and hygiene products for you.

Contact Lenses for Young People

For many young people, contact lenses are a popular and attractive alternative to wearing spectacles. Some people like to wear contact lenses for sports or particular hobbies they may have, while some like to wear them throughout the day rather than having to wear glasses.

What is important to remember about contact lenses is that becoming a contact lens wearer brings a great deal of responsibility. In order to safely wear lenses, you have to maintain a great commitment to the hygiene and care of your eyes as well as that of the lenses.

It is also extremely important that the instructions and advice given to you by your optician are followed. Contact lenses should only ever be worn as often and for as long as your optician advises you it is safe to do so. Over-wearing your contact lenses can be problematic and can also affect your ability to wear them in the long term.

There are many different types of contact lenses, and if the optician decides you are a suitable candidate to wear lenses, you will be prescribed a lens type that fits you and your lifestyle best. It is imperative that you follow any advice you are given with regards to the lenses, the cleaning regime, and the regularity with which you are able to wear them.If you are a young person, or any person who is interested in contact lenses, please arrange a consultation with our optician who will use the appointment to evaluate your suitability for contact lenses and assess your options. Remember that you need a valid sight test prescription in order to book a contact lens consultation at our practice.  Contact us today via this link or directly by telephone at 01268 752919.