The Importance of Having a Spare Pair of Glasses or Contact Lenses

At KJ Green Opticians, we are always keen to express how imperative it is for patients who wear glasses or contact lenses to always have a spare, up to date pair available at all times. There are a number of reasons that we offer this advice.

If you are a spectacle wearer, and especially if you have worn glasses for a long time, you may have endured the stress of having broken or damaged your glasses at some stage. These unenviable situations are made somewhat less stressful if you have access to a current spare pair which you can wear in the interim period during which your first pair are replaced or repaired.

Having two pairs of spectacles is also especially useful for people who go abroad often, as legislation in many countries states that spectacle wearers must keep an up to date spare pair of glasses in a vehicle with them whilst driving.

A spare pair of glasses are absolutely vital for contact lens wearers. Contact lens wear and the regularity with which each patient wears their lenses varies, but your optician will always advise wearing glasses whenever and wherever possible to give your eyes a rest and to avoid the potential risks and hazards of over-wearing and infection.

If you are interested in purchasing a spare pair of glasses, please visit us at the practice. Alternatively, you are in need of a sight test appointment, then please click here, or book directly by telephone at the practice to arrange your appointment.