Understanding Eye Care Appointments: Which Ones Do You Need to Keep Up-To-Date for Spectacles and Contact Lenses?

There can sometimes be some confusion among patients about which appointments need to be on date in order for patients to purchase spectacles and contact lenses. In this article, we will tell you about which appointments you need to keep up to date and how these will affect your ability to purchase eyewear and eye care products at our practice.

Sight Test

During your sight test, your optometrist will check the health of your eye and carry out all of the required examinations. The optometrist will also make an assessment of your vision and will issue a prescription for spectacles if required. At the end of the appointment, you will be advised of your recall period and when you will be due for your next sight test appointment (this information can also be found on your prescription card).

Your sight test prescription is valid up until the date at the end of your recall period has passed. You can use this prescription to buy spectacles at any time during this period.

Spectacles can be purchased on the strength of a valid and in-date sight test prescription alone.

Contact Lens Consultation/Checks

In order to be seen for an initial contact lens consultation, you must have a valid, in-date sight test prescription for the contact lens optician to work from. Following the initial consultation, you may be required to attend one or more contact lens aftercare appointments in order for your contact lens specification to be finalised.

Once your contact lens specification has been finalised, you will be required to attend contact lens aftercare appointments on the basis recommended by your optician in much the same way that you attend your sight test appointments.

You MUST have a valid and in-date sight test prescription AND a valid and in-date contact lens specification in order to be able to purchase contact lenses from the practice.

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