Find Your Perfect Pair of Sunglasses

Are you thinking of having some new prescription sunglasses for the summer? When choosing, be sure to consider the frame and, importantly, the type of sunglass lens that suits your needs and lifestyle best.

There are a number of different prescription tinted lenses that can be fitted into a sunglass frame. When selecting your new sunglass spectacles, you should consider such options as polarised lenses, photochromic lenses, or a standard tint with UV filter.

Polarised lenses offer the fullest glare reduction possible and are perfect for those whose hobbies require eyewear that is capable of nullifying reflections and offering great clarity (such as fishing, for example).

If you like to have just one all-purpose pair of spectacles, or if you find yourself going between light and dark environments on a regular basis, photochromic lenses may be the best solution for you. These are clear lenses which react quickly to the level of light exposure, and become tinted appropriately.

We can also offer a selection of tints for your new sunglasses, available in a range of specifications of light transmission. A UV filter is applied to all tinted lenses to offer the fullest protection.

At KJ Green Opticians, we combine decades of expertise and experience with first class customer service. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to browse our range of sunglass frames and find the sunglasses that are perfect for you.