Precision vision care for a clearer tomorrow

At KJ Green Opticians, we understand the importance of clear vision and strive to provide exceptional eye care services to our valued clients. Our experienced optometrists use advanced technology to conduct comprehensive eye exams and OCT scans, ensuring the highest level of precision in your eye care.

Eye examinations

Peace of mind with expert eye care and advice. Not every eye exam is the same. Our eye examinations take place in modern, air-conditioned rooms with state-of-the-art technology and highly qualified optical professionals to ensure a precise and thorough evaluation of your vision. We know your vision is your priority and so we make it ours.

OCT scans

Eye imaging for peace of mind. Our 3D OCT screening (eye imaging) allows us to see behind your eye to reassure you that your sight is in the best of health. If there are issues, an early diagnosis can identify potentially serious conditions that could affect your eyesight and your overall well-being often before the optician or patient would otherwise be aware.

About Us

For over 50 years, the Green family have provided optical care and solutions for the people of Benfleet and the surrounding area. Our values remain simple; take absolute priority over the eye care of our local clients.


At KJ Green Opticians, we don’t believe in simply giving you an Eye Examination and leaving it there. We want to arm you with lasting, stylish eyewear to ensure that we leave a proud, ongoing legacy with all of your eyecare needs.


You don’t just have to come and visit us for our expert advice on all things eyecare. Our blog section contains a plethora of advice, information and news on everything optical, to ensure that you don’t miss anything.